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Malaga Film Office


The Malaga Film Office is a municipal organization that since 2001 offers a wide variety of FREE information, advice, services and support to save time, money and effort for all audiovisual professionals seeking to film in the City of Malaga.

Featured free services

  • Online, short and flexible processing of filming permits in municipal locations (streets, buildings, parks, beaches ...).
  • Coordination with all municipal services: parking reservations, control of traffic cuts, changes of furniture and lighting, etc ...
  • Assistance in searches of public locations.
  • Information and contacts of other non-municipal locations and companies / professionals in the sector.
  • Advice on aid, legislation, ordinances, code of conduct and sustainable productions.
  • Promotion of work carried out in the city through social networks and channels.

Advantages of producing in Malaga

  • Free rates to roll on public roads, parks, mountains, etc. (for non-advertising shootings).
  • Free rates for technical team parking, furniture and lighting changes and many more municipal services.
  • Wide variety of locations: From historical to contemporary, promenades, beaches, mountains and forests ...
  • Spectacular climate: Mediterranean light and 320 days of sunshine a year.
  • Professionals and companies in the bilingual sector, with extensive experience in production services, which you can find in our Audiovisual Guide.
  • The best communications: International Airport just 15 minutes from the city, as well as the Port, Train Station (AVE) and Metro in the center.
  • Free tools for environmentally friendly production.
  • Multicultural local casting.
  • Discounts in hotels and restaurants for the production team.
  • 30% Tax Rebate for international productions: 30% incentive on the first million euros and 25% for the rest, on the expense produced in Spain, with a refund limit of 10 million.

Also, the Spanish government offers tax incentives for international filming productions. These incentives are applicable to any Spanish producers registered on the Ministry of Culture and Sport's Film Company Register, who are managing a foreign production. This means that they are the ''service company'' which takes on the executive production and which carries out the tax procedures involved in applying for a tax rebate. The laws which regulate these incentives can change every year, so it is worth informing yourself of any aspects which have changed during the year you are applying for your production.