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Special Information Regarding COVID-19

In response to the current pandemic, the City of Malaga’s Investor Office created this website with information about the responses measures and economic aid that are being implemented by the different administrations as well as additional links to analysis, webinars and online training that you might find interesting. The main objective is to minimize the negative impact of the current economic situation and support the international companies to make the most appropriate decisions during this unprecedented period.

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Economic Aid

The Spanish Government launched a Line of Credit to guarantee the liquidity of the self-employed and companies

Measures from the Andalucian Regional Government


A 500 million euros credit from the company GARÁNTIA

Financing guaranteed by the Official Credit Institute to the self-employed and companies domiciled in Spain whose activity falls within a CNAE of the tourism sector

CERSA and SGR approve measures to overcome the lack of liquidity

CIVIO’s Guide To Grants

Reports & Analysis

Tourism Scenarios & Reflections regarding COVID-19 by the University of Malaga (UMA)

A Case Study of the COVID-19 pandemic by the London School of Economics (LSE)

The Economic Impact study by KPMG

Impact and Recovery analysis by Deloitte

Spanish Confinement Measures

On March 14, 2020, the Spanish government, declared a “State of Alarm,” due to the COVID-19 pandemic which enforced a lockdown on all people in the Spanish territory. As defined by the Spanish Constitution, it lasts a maximum of 15 days, but can be extended with approval from the Congress.  Currently, Spain’s nationwide State of Alarm will remain in effect until Sunday, May 24 and an extension is foreseen but it must be approved by Congress. (BOE n. 129, Saturday, May  9)

On 28 April, the Spanish government announced plans to gradually relax some confinement measures in phases over the next six to eight weeks. Each province will be evaluated to determine when it can enter a phase and change confinement measures (BOE n. 130, Saturday, May 9); therefore it is important to consult the map.

The phases are defined as follows:

Preparation Phase 0

Date: May 4-11

Provinces: All of Spain

Restaurants open for takeout and delivery orders. Shops open by sector for customers with prearranged meetings: hairdressers, hardware stores, dentists, opticians, physiotherapy centers or florists.

Phase 1

Date: May 11-25

Provinces: please check the map

Groups of less than 10 are permitted. Outdoor seating at restaurants is open up to 50% capacity. Shops with less than 400 m2 can open up to 33% capacity. Open markets can open with 25% of the normal stands. Hotels can open, but can´t use common areas. Churches are open up to 33% capacity. Museums are open up to 33% capacity. Libraries, theatres and culture events are open with maximum of 30 people for indoor spaces and 200 people for outdoor spaces. Gyms are open. Outdoor sports without contact are permitted from 6-10 AM and from 8-11 PM. Movies and series can begin filming. Visits to 2nd residence within same province are permitted.

Phase 2

Date: May 25-June 8

Provinces: to be determined

Indoor seating at restaurants is open up to 33% capacity. Shopping Centers can open up to 40% capacity. Hotels can use common areas up to 33% capacity. Churches are open up to 50% capacity.

Phase 3

Date: June 8

Provinces: please check the map

Protocols for returning to work. Hotels can use common areas up to 50% capacity. Beaches are open, Cinemas and theaters and monuments up to 50% capacity.


  • As of May 15, passports are required for all international travel even within the Schengen Area.
  • Although the Spanish Government does not contemplate the opening of international borders until early July and currently people arriving to Spain must stay in quarantine for 14 days from arrival:
    • KLM has resumed flights from Madrid and Barcelona
    • American Airlines started on May 9, a daily flight between Madrid and Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Travel between provinces will be permitted starting June 22.


City Response Measures

The City of Malaga is working with other authorities to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 in our community by adopting forceful measures.

The City of Malaga has adopted extraordinary fiscal measures to help citizens, families, the self-employed and companies to alleviate the economic impact of this crisis on the local economy.

  • Since the declaration of the state of alarm and until April 21, the City has injected 60 million euros of its own resources that have been used to pay suppliers and other transfers. Specifically, for this, more than 1,800 transfer orders have been made.
  • Continues with its effort and commitment to pay suppliers in an agile way and also contribute in this way to mitigate the economic effects that the coronavirus health crisis has on companies and the self-employed.
  • 23 million euros correspond to the payments that the City Council itself has made to third parties such as suppliers and beneficiaries of aid and subsidies, among other items.
  • Another 26.1 million euros have been transferred to municipal organizations and companies destined in turn to the payment of suppliers, aid and also personnel expenses. And to fulfill the obligations with financial entities, 8.5 million have been allocated in this period of time.
  • Likewise, the Municipal Urban Planning Management, since the coronavirus health crisis began, has ordered 7 remittances of payments to suppliers for certifications of works being carried out in the city, as well as for other services and supplies.
  • The Urban Planning Management team, through teleconferences, continues to advance in the processing of invoices with the main objective of promoting economic recovery after the health crisis. Specifically, payments to suppliers amount to a total of 2.3 million euros, which have been paid by Management through 62 invoices issued by companies and suppliers awarded various contracts for works, services and supplies.
  • Postponed the payment of taxes such as vehicles and the liquidation of capital gains.
  • Suspended the quotas of the municipal market stalls, tables, chairs and awnings.
  • Proposed a similar measure for the waste collection tax and the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) to the central government.
  • Reinforced the “Citizen Services” hotline tel: 900 600 010 or 010 or 951 926 010 and doubled its staff.


SMEs and self-employed defer all tax returns for the month of April

List of measures adopted by the Spanish Government

How Immigration Offices should proceed before the suspension of administrative time limits

BOE 2020-4554

BOE Orden SND 307 2020

BOE Orden TMA 277 2020

BOE Real Decreto 6 2020

BOE Real Decreto 7 2020

BOE Real Decreto 8 2020

BOE Real Decreto 9 2020

BOE Real Decreto 10 2020

BOE Real Decreto 11 2020

BOE Real Decreto 12 2020

BOE Real Decreto 463 2020 Interpretation



In order to alleviate the operating costs of SMEs and freelancers who have seen significantly reduce their income as a result of COVID-19, establishes a mechanism for the renegotiation and postponement of the payment of rental of business premises to large holders or public companies, is that is, that the owner has more than 10 premises or an area of more than 1,500 m2.

 The granting of a moratorium on the payment of the rent that will be applied the duration of the alarm status and its extensions and monthly payments
subsequent, extendable one by one, if that period was insufficient in relation to the impact caused by COVID-19, without being able to overcome, in any case, the four months.

Said income will be deferred, without penalty or accruing interest, from the next monthly rent rent, by dividing the installments over a period of two years, to be counted from the moment in which exceed the aforementioned situation, or after the end of the term of the four months before mentioned, and always within the period during which the validity of the lease or any of its extensions.
In the event that the owner is different from the previous ones, the use of the deposit as a payment mechanism, which must be replaced within a year. The lessee may request from the lessor, within a month, from the entry into force of this Royal Decree-law the temporary postponement and
extraordinary in the payment of the rent whenever said postponement or a reduction of the rent would not have been agreed by both parties on a voluntary basis.
Self-employed workers will be able to calculate the fractional payments of the Tax on the Income of Individuals and income on account of the regime
Simplified Value Added Tax with the estimation method objective, which will allow, during the period affected by the alarm state, adjust payment to actual income.
Likewise, a reduction is established in the fractional payment of personal income tax and VAT, being able to discount in each quarter the days in which there has been an alarm. Companies may also adapt the settlements of income on account to the estimated income forecast for 2020 and the possibility of subjecting the payment of tax debts to obtain financing through the Line of Endorsements.
Finally, the VAT applicable to the supply of material is reduced to zero percent healthcare from national producers to public, non-profit entities and centers hospitable. VAT is also reduced on electronic books, magazines and newspapers to align it with that applicable to 4% paper.
To guarantee the protection of working people, the preferential nature of remote work and the right to adapt the schedule and reduce the working day,
it lasts up to 3 months after the end of the alarm state. No However, depending on the circumstances, additional extensions may be made by the

In order to protect all people who in the current context do not have access to the benefit, we proceed to consider that they are in a situation legal unemployment workers: 
Whose contracts have been terminated at the request of the company during the period of test since March 9, regardless of the reason why would have terminated the previous employment relationship.
That they had been voluntarily terminated in their last employment relationship since March 1 for having a firm job offer that has not materialized as
consequence of COVID-19, requiring, in this case, written communication by of the company desisting from signing the committed employment contract. I know It will also consider that this group is in a situation assimilated at discharge.
The wording of article 22.1 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 is modified, in the sense that the force majeure may not extend to the entire workforce with respect to those companies that carry out activities considered essential during this crisis, concurring the obstacle cause described in said article 22 in the part of activity or in the part of the template not affected by said essential character.

Online Training

We encourage you to take advantage of this time and learn some new skills. They are many profession sites that offer online training. Below is a list of some of the more popular ones including several free ones.

The UNED (National University of Distance Education) is one of the most important universities in Spain, which has gone from 126,500 students enrolled in degrees in the 2012/2013 academic year to 150,000 in the 2016/2017 academic year. This institution offers both degrees and postgraduate degrees from different disciplines.

Now, UNED also has a wide range of courses, and a great offer to start the one you like best.

Coursera is one of the most popular course websites, in which the courses selected are taught by prestigious universities, generally from North America. and This website was developed by academics from Stanford University in 2011. You can find both types of courses free or paid.

The courses are through videos, and the topics are varied: programming, business, marketing, human resources ... You can find interactive questionnaires and exercises to do on the platform. Without a doubt, the educational variety is very large, and the options to find what you are looking for are very high.

Miriada X is one of the best-known education platforms in Spain, where it is possible to find hundreds of MOOC courses, and which promotes knowledge in Higher Education in Ibero-American countries.

It has the collaboration of Telefónica Learning Services, which develops a learning process in people and companies; and with the support of Universia, a website in which Spanish and Portuguese speaking universities participate. It contains a search engine that allows you to filter the educational centers and topics of the courses. Among which are health and wellness (psychology, medicine, education), business, marketing and even politics. It is a free website.

Another well-known collaborative learning platform is Tutellus, which has many courses in Spanish. With this website we can not only learn new things, but it is also possible to make other people learn them by sharing knowledge, since there is the option of becoming virtual teachers. There are more than 60,000 courses in audiovisual content on different topics and levels.

New technologies, business, languages, cooking, social sciences, natural sciences, among other subjects, are part of the content of their courses. With the payment option, you can sign up for as many degrees as you want with a flat fee. There are over 30 to choose from.

Udemy lets you learn about technology, business, and personal development at affordable prices. And, in fact, it has many offers so that you can take advantage of their promotions and thus learn new things and grow as a person. The contents are varied: photography courses, programming, personal development, design, etc. And the web offers an easy to use interface. The courses are free and paid, but the latter are of higher quality. The search engine is very useful to find what we want.

An English course website. It was founded by Harvard University, and offers courses from different institutions around the world. The web is very well designed to allow the user to enjoy the best educational experience. Course topics are varied, and you can find everything from English training to introduction to computer science. If we want to obtain the course title it is necessary to make a payment.

This website is named after its founder Salman Khan. It started in 2006, with the idea that anyone could study online for free regardless of their location. To be able to access the web, it is necessary to register and have a wide variety of content. This platform indicates the progress of each of its users. He is strong on subjects like science and economics.

Some prestigious university centers have also created their own online course platforms to give access to those who wish to study from their own home. An example is the Catholic University of Valencia, which created the UCV platform. On this platform, quality prevails over quantity. If what you are looking for is the best content on the web, this is one of the most interesting options to study.

UniMOOC is a website of courses in which there is no payment, so it can be used by anyone. It is in Spanish and offers courses for all levels.

The variety of courses is wide, so you may find what you are looking for. It is ideal for entrepreneurs because the training programs are directed along these lines. You can use this platform from anywhere and whenever you need it.

It is a modest website created by the University of Guatemala, which offers different courses in Spanish for free. It offers reinforcement training plans, but also pre-university and university courses. The programming courses stand out above all, although you can also find other training, such as mathematics or engineering. (Free) (Free) (Free) (Free)