A dynamic metropolis on the southern coast of Spain with one of the best climates in Europe.


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See the projects that Malaga has planned between now and 2030.

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The multinational consultancy & audit firm EY (Ernst & Young) opened a technological center with 100 employees in the PTA in Malaga & plans to double the workforce by the summer of 2020.
The boutique hotel Palacio Solecio, managed by Marugal, opened in December after a 30-million euro renovation of a historic building in the heart of Malaga. The building was built in 1789 and was the residence of Genoese Felix Solesio, who arrived to Malaga after receiving the commission from José de Gálvez to install a card factory in Macharaviaya. The new hotel has 68 rooms, meeting rooms, gym, bar and a restaurant overseen by chef José Carlos García, who operates a Michelin star restaurant in the Malaga port.
Nitsba, an experienced Israel based real-estate company, bought the old Post Office building for 23.5 million euros. It was the only bid submitted. This property didn't peak the interest of other bidders because its current urban classification limits its possibilities for development. Specifically, it is classified for public and social interest which encompasses uses such as nursing homes, student residences and children's residences or similar.
The Andalucian Technological Park is constructing 5 new office buildings and a business accelerator. The investment will be around 30 million euros and once built they will have a capacity for 3,000 employees. Work is already underway to reform the Science and Technology Center into an "incubator/accelerator for digital technology startups." The Accelerator will be called “The Green Lemon”, in reference to the traditional citrus farming activity in the local Guadalhorce Valley and the "ripening” of these emerging businesses.