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BREXIT Opportunities


After the "BREXIT vote on June 23, 2016" the City of Malaga designed a special strategy to attract foreign companies seeking a European headquarters. We presented this new strategy at an informative event about the Challenges and Opportunities for Malaga’s Economy held at the City Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 4 in collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

We didn’t try to answer all the questions about what will happen in the United Kingdom..... nobody knows .... however we discussed the commercial issues and opportunities and most importantly, we opened a dialogue between people who have a common interest: the relationship between Malaga and the UK. A relationship that, regardless of what happens with BREXIT, will be important for the people and companies in Malaga and the UK.

To start the dialogue we invited three experts in the international trade and commerce. After an introduction from Malaga Mayor Francisco de la Torre, we heard from:

  • Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General of the UK Institute of Export, on how BREXIT affects UK exports and international trade

view her presentation

  • Javier González Marcos, Senior Executive Partner at Gartner, about nearshoring trends and how companies choose a location

view his presentation

  • Mario Garcia, CEO of Sequel Business Solutions, regarding his personal experience leading a British company with offices in Malaga.

Next we heard from Derek A. Langley, Andalusian regional vice president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and our co-organizer of the event.

And finally, Maria del Mar Martin Rojo, Deputy Mayor and Councilmember for Economic Revitalization, Enterprise Promotion and Employment Promotion for the City of Malaga, talk about our municipal structure, strategy and action plan for the British market.

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Productive Economy Team, City of Malaga